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Throughout the history of pop culture, from Marlon Brando to Kendall Jenner, the white T-shirt has been ingrained in both our lives and our wardrobes. “Everybody needs it. Every culture and subculture has used the white T-shirt. That’s where the genius is,” says Karla Welch, a stylist who committed herself to developing the perfect white tee. For us at Vogue, the shirt has become a unifying closet staple. As we return to the office, travel, and make social plans, there’s something comforting about wearing a crisp, classic white T-shirt in the morning—fresh and dewy-faced. Perhaps we’ll add a touch of jewelry, whether that’s a pair of gold hoops or a minimalist chain necklace. But the best white tees can be paired with just about everything, from comfortable at-home yoga pants to dressy skirts for the office and beyond. And what’s more iconic and representative of our daily lives than a white T-shirt and a classic pair of blue jeans? Two editors weighed in on this divisive topic, and the verdict is in: Yes, jeans can be comfortable at home too.

Official The Queen Of Fighters Xv Best Of The Best Shirt

Summer is the season of light, natural materials. The crochet trend feels timeless when done in raffia—it’s sophisticated and unfussy all at once. How do you find the best white T-shirt? It might seem like a simple question, but tracking one down that checks all the boxes—from fit to comfort—is quite a feat. After all, the more minimal a clothing item is, the more its flaws become glaringly clear. No one likes the feeling of slipping on a boxy, ill-fitted white tee that is as stiff as cardboard against their skin. Finally, however, the search is over.

Official The Queen Of Fighters Xv Best Of The Best Shirt Hoodie

For a crochet bag that feels like it could have been handed down through a few generations in your family, opt for something colorful and fun. Alanui’s palm-adorned bag has a homespun feel that works for the beach. Summer calls for something a bit lighter than your standard leather handbag. These crochet options are still sophisticated but won’t stick to your skin when you throw them over your shoulder. Swap your usual canvas tote for a cute crochet bag instead. The wide range of open-weave options will not only sift out any sand that may fall to the bottom, but they’ll play nicely with your light and breezy summer looks. Crochet may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re picturing your ideal party bag, but this season there are plenty of bold, playful iterations that are worthy of pairing with a minidress. For an extra touch of embellishment, look for a style with shimmering crystals.

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